Perhaps ... the hardest working people I have met

Feb 13, 2012 by Satisfied Customer

The best story was the one about how Larry got started making coops. At this point I must tell you that Larry and his wife, besides being delightful entertaining people, are Romanian and perhaps some of the hardest working people I have met. He is a contractor, she is a nurse, and they build these coops and deliver them (in their spare time) because he is an entrepreneur and she loves to travel—this in addition to raising their two preschool-aged children.

As insane as I am when it comes to hitting the road for a good deal!

Feb 13, 2012 by Satisfied Customer

Spending an hour in Larry’s backyard with his lovely wife and daughter, hunting dogs and dozens of chickens, we were regaled with stories of delivering coops over the Rockies (blowing two transmissions on the way—the one negative feedback on ebay was from the woman who didn’t believe their excuse for being two days late), changing a coop from red to blue on the road in order to satisfy a customer in Montana, and even traveling to Ohio to get a champion chicken to add to their flock. They might be as insane as I am when it comes to hitting the road for a good deal!

700 pounds of beautiful!

Feb 13, 2012 by Satisfied Customer

So this coop is 700 pounds of beautiful. It is pleasing to look at yes, but more important to my chickens, it has all they need. No running the extension cord and surge protector through a crack in the wall—this coop is fully electrical. Just plug it in or hardwire it to your outside electrical line. Inside is a plug for the water warmer and a switch for the light. It is fully insulated and finished on the inside. I haven’t seen another coop on the market that is insulated and finished inside. The generous coop yard, which is fully protected from the weather, is a dream when predators are about and you want your chickens to have access to those good grubs, beetles and worms. The entire coop is designed with the understanding of what a chicken needs (light, ventilation, comfortable nesting boxes) and what a backyard chicken farmer needs (ease of collecting eggs, cleaning the coop, changing out food and water, security for those precious egg layers). Best of all, if you have an idea for changing anything, Larry is not only willing, but eager to find the best solution to satisfy your request. He is a creative and earnest worker who brings his best to the job. How lucky are my chickens!

This is by far the best ready-made chicken coop value that can be found.

Feb 13, 2012 by Satisfied Customer

I am a librarian’s daughter and a heavy-duty researcher. I don’t buy anything until I have exhausted all of the possible angles and I have been known to drive five hours to buy a car that was the best value.

That said, you can’t do better than Larry’s chicken coops. I was so skeptical that this coop could be a good as it looks for the price that I called Larry and asked if I could come to see one. He lives 2 ½ hours from me and was happy to have me come down that afternoon. All I can say is that seeing is believing!

For less than the price of a quality all-wood coop that is shipped in fully build,fence in pieces and must be assembled by you at home, does not include electricity, insulation, or an integral chicken yard, Larry will build this coop for you—customizing as you like—and deliver it, assemble it and put it just where you want it (he’s even carried it up stairs to put it on the deck for a woman in California who wanted to reach out her slider to get her fresh eggs!).

Feb 13, 2012 by Mike, Lynette and the girls (hens)

I just have to say what an excellent quality chicken coop, every inch carefully thought out and efficient. It was a joy to purchase from this seller and talk about prompt delivery.... I AND MY HUSBAND WERE AMAZED! If you love your chickens and are looking for a top notch coop that's efficient, easy to clean , operate, and house your chickens comfortably in the coldest winters, I live in Northern Maine or provide comfortable and adequate ventilation in the muggiest summer days.... this is the ONLY coop to have! Larry and Merlita it was a pleasure meeting and doing business with you our chickens adore their new home thanks for a wonderful product and service.

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